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Remodeling Services for Our Clients

We genuinely care for our clients and want to be able to provide the best services possible. So This Jan 2022 Mountaintop is switching our focus of remodeling services from public work to servicing our clients and our own investment Properties.  We will be sticking to the smaller jobs that can help turn the clients immediate needs of selling or buying a properties faster.   


Why are we doing this? 


1.  This will allow our company to give the best quality service possible to our clients that need the services immediately.  Most of our clients are working on loans, or working on buying or selling properties and need work done immediately.  We hope by doing this we will be able to better serve our client's needs.  

2.  This allows Mountaintop to work more on design and consulting services. We are consistently helping mentor other people in real estate, loans, and businesses throughout the area.   We love helping veterans and are working with several business plans, sales plans, marketing plans and other business ventures.  

3.  This allows the crews to focus the bigger projects for in house construction for properties we own.  Mountaintop is going to expand our own inventory of fix and flips and fix & holds in both residential and the multi-family properties.  

4.  To expand our companies portfolio of vacation and long term rentals in our portfolio to better service our investors.


5.  This will allow our crews to provide more interior work & maintenance for our property management clients.  

6.  This will allow for us to work on more design services that have won national awards in environmental areas and several landscape & home building designs in 3 different states.  


Will you be able to service outside work?

1.  On smaller jobs we will be able to help clients really quickly.  These jobs are jobs that can be done in 2-5 days.  

2.  We have a few  companies we work with that are licensed to handle the bigger projects.  They can handle our work load and provide the excellent services we have been known for.  

3.  We are partnered with another couple of companies that can help build our spec homes for you.  We will oversee the work and our quality will always shine through.  

Below is just a snap shot of a few of the jobs we have completed.  Over the years our team have remodeled and helped build and estimated $300 million in contractor services over the years across the country.  Brian has helped design and start the building of a camp on Mt. Hood, designed different neighborhoods, helped build golf courses, environmental areas, and thousands of remodel and landscape construction jobs.   


Our Remodeling team is diverse and the leadership team is phenomenal.   With the 3 leaders of the crew there is more than 68 years of experience in construction and remodeling.  We look forward to working with you soon.  



Here is a snapshot of some of our work!

6303 Woodcrest Dr. Upstairs Additional Sq footage.JPG
Phil Wisner Blow Up of Kitchen Layout.PNG
IMG_9638 (1).JPG
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