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Our Management Team

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Lisa's fun and personable attitude is enjoyable for almost all people. She has been in customer service most of her life.   Lisa can help find your dream home, a fixer upper, a commercial property, or bare land in the East TN area.  We understand your fears.  We treat you how we WANT to be treated.   Moving or buying a property can be nerve wracking.  Since our company is a one stop shopping center for real estate  Lisa can help you navigate the whole process for you. 

On her off time Lisa enjoys working on her plantings in the yard, reading, helping out in church and spending time with the family.  

Lisa Hanners

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Growing up in a law enforcement family, serving in the US Air Force, and some time as a Law Enforcement Officer; Brian fell in love with real estate investing and construction in his early 20's.  He wanted to build, develop and work in real estate investing industry.  He started out 20+ years ago in Landscape  Construction then worked his way up into remodeling, new builds, and then more recently developing raw land.  


On Brian's off time you will find him usually up in the mountains or some where near water with his family or helping out in church some how.  

Brian Hanners

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Construction Site

Our remodeling and construction team is top notch.  Ignacio leads an amazing team of people that can get the job done quickly, concise and with excellent craftsmanship. We guide our businesses with principles.  We do complete design build, remodeling services and additions.    Brian still helps with designs, blue prints and estimating but is mostly working on the corporation.   Ignacio and his crews have years of building and remodeling all over the Knoxville Metro area and have completed millions of dollars of work.   We look forward to working with you. 

Ignacio Rodriguez

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Service Projects through the years 


During these two years we accomplished many projects in church and in the community.   Brian was helping design and build the first phase of a Camp on Mount hood called Camp Duncan's Woods for the YMCA.   In the beginning he had about 220 hours of volunteer time.  Then they hired him as the contractor to start construction.  

We accomplished two small remodel projects for older members of the community that couldn't take care of their house and could not afford a contractor.   Each job was about $5k and It was our honor to serve them and the Lord.  

At the End of Aug 2018 Brian broke his back in 3 different areas.  Brian spent 2.5 years rehabbing his back and then relocated to East TN.  In 2019 and 2020 we did not do as many services projects because of rehab and all the drs. appointments. 


Taking care of our fire fighters, law enforcement, and teachers:


In March  and Sept, we participated with our church in supporting our local firefighters across Clackamas County by providing meals for them.  All Across the area for a week we delivered meals to different stations and different shifts.  Our church just wants to show how much our public servants mean.  We pray for them, care for them, and we appreciate their service.  Two other times a year we do this for the teachers in the region and the police officers.  We love our community.   From the bottom of our heart, sincerely thanks you for all your service and hard work in our community!   



Even with a hurt back and while rehabbing injuries Lisa and Brian were able to help volunteer in several church projects and with the local community.   These projects were numerous but small which didn't decrease the value.   Sharing the love of Christ with many people and helping with clothes, food, gift baskets, and many other items was a regular occurrence.  


Since the relocation to East TN, we have done many projects for people here.  We have completed two small renovations that were for elderly people and were done at cost.  We have teamed up two times to help clean two yards of a handicap person and a widowed elderly lady both of whom could not take care of their yards. 


In Feb 2022 we built some railings coming down from the front porch area down to the ground level.  This needed to be done for a family that has some disabilities and some of whom are older and they don't have the money to afford a company to come do this job.  

In July 2022 we helped with a seniors home in Jefferson City, TN and did a yard clean-up and overall with new bark dust.  We also helped paint the shed for her.   This was our privilege and honor the seniors in our community.  

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