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Affiliate Broker

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Lisa Hanners

Affiliate Broker
Exp Realty


Hi, I'm Lisa, I am part of Mountaintop Properties and Investments with our team of incredible people who care about you.  

We love everything real estate!

Over the years I have helped in the field with maintenance, construction, and property management. The natural transition to become an affiliate broker gives me a unique advantage over other realtors.  We are able to ascertain and help clients pick which properties that would work best for their situations.  With our team we can; design, construct,  and lend money in house to speed the process up for our clients.  This allows us to coordinate all the efforts in house which cuts a lot of hassle for our clients.  

Whether you are a first time home buyer, a seasoned real estate investor, a commercial property buyer, investing in rental properties, or upgrading your dream home our team will make your buying/selling experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible! Please let me know how I can help!

Property Management


Rental properties are a great way to build equity and earn passive income at the same time. Mountaintop identifies target areas through advanced analytics.  This allows us to target areas where the acquisition prices are under market and allows us to fix up properties in house.  We can either sell properties or hold them as long term assets for our clients.  We have been in the rental property business for almost two decades now. Let our experience work for you!



  • Analyze and target the right area for the individual client and provide a choice of rentals/fixers.

  • Work with clients to help analyze and decide which options are best for the individuals stage in life.  

  • Market your property for you.

  • Execute rental and termination agreements.

  • Monthly/Quarterly Reports

  • Develop preventative maintenance programs to avoid costly repairs in the future.

  • Timely deposits so you can access your money right away!

Buying, Selling or Needing a property Manager Let us help you today! 

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