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Your Bed is your Sanctuary

Your Bed should be your Sanctuary. A place to retire to after a long hard day of taking over the business world. Your bed should be soft, spacious, comfortable, and have a soft cloud-like feel in a spacious room. Your Sanctuary is not an office desk, a dinner table, your changing room, your couch or your ironing board. Instead of just crawling into your soft, fluffy cloud-like sanctuary to sleep you have to dig your flat bedspread out and sleep with your clothes, food crumbs, and paperwork. I have been there. I have done that a few times in hotels.

Yet, staying in a hotel room means working, eating, and sleeping in that one little tiny space where the bed becomes the office, dinner table, or changing table.

It's time to trade your tiny hotel room for an entire apartment! Our fully furnished Corporate Housing offers complete separate cooking, dining, lounging, and sleeping areas. At Coast 2 Coast Properties Inc. we offer all the amenities of a higher end hotel, but with the much larger space, convenience, privacy and comfort of a private apartment home while you are saving a lot of money.

Each Coast 2 Coast suite is a fully furnished haven with wireless high-speed internet, Expanded Cable, all hotel amenities and a whole lot more. Your dining table is set, Your coffee or tea is ready and your soft fluffy sanctuary awaits you.

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