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WE ARE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE! (Coming Winter 23-24)

Our Company and teams are Expanding.  Due to our expansion we are creating
4 companies to specialize and bring the best customer service as possible.  We are switching 
Mountaintop Properties & Investments to Mountaintop Realty Services.  Next, we are adding
Mountaintop Capital Group, Mountaintop Holdings, and Mountaintop Development Group. We
also will be moving our headquarters closer to Knoxville, TN.   


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We love everything Real Estate!!!


We strive to earn our clients trust as a complete turn-key real estate corporation for both residential and smaller commercial properties.  We are scaling and expanding our real estate investing services and lending services to multiple states throughout the US.  


Mountaintop is a value-orientated residential and small commercial real estate company with a proven track record of recognizing opportunities to provide the best possible returns for clients.  With all phases in-house, we can provide excellent results for our clients.    


From buying and selling, financing, remodeling, managing, and retirement planning we have everything that our clients would want in a "One-Stop Real Estate & Lending Company.  

Above Market Yields and Capital Appreciation!

Modern Design Home
Modern House
Buildings Close Together

Mountaintop specializing in locating opportunities that are not in the market place.  Our goals are to target new and emerging markets, locations, and emerging areas before the general market investor market is aware of the changes.  We specialize in Corporate Housing, Air B&B, and Long Term Rentals.  

Since Mountaintop identifies markets ahead of the general public we also can have premium choices of acquisitions.  This allows us to acquire property, multi-family and residential rentals below market value to maximize the appreciation value of for either holding or flipping of a property.  

Mountaintop's Property Management provides a lot of detailed services for our clients such as quarterly reports, semi annual property inspections, advanced forecasting analytics, and maintenance budgets so you don't have any hidden surprises.  

As a company we aggressively seek properties that will offer above market yields and will maximize investors benefits from income producing monthly "cash flow" properties as well as fix and flip properties with significant appreciation potential. 


As licensed Realtors, Construction, Lenders (Residential & Commercial), Property Managers, Financial Planners and Real Estate Investors we strive to meet and exceed the high expectations of our clients by providing excellent, consistent, quality of product through "In-House" cooperation to speed the process up.


We are proud to have built a corporate culture with a focus on superior customer service and continue to improve on an outstanding client experience on client at a time.  

A Snap Shot of Services

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We love everything real estate and because we have a team behind you we can help our clients buy your dream home, a fixer, property, commercial real estate,  commercial property and everything in between.


Contact us today and allow our team take the pressure off of you.   

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Mountaintop has hundreds and hundreds of commercial loan opportunities. When banks say "NO"  almost all the time we can honestly say "YES".   We love working on loans and work hard for every client.  We  both lend on both Qualified and Non-Qualified loans.   

Today is the day where we can start working for you.   Allow us to earn your trust as our client.   

Glass Windows
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We have full construction services for our properties.  We also include remodeling, consulting and design available for our clients.  We can help with the whole process in house.  

This allows for our clients to relax a little bit more as they don't have to work with 20 different people.   

We do the hard work for you! Contact us today!

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Whether at the beach, in the mountains, at home with family or traveling the world we our clients to achieve their goals for investing and retirement.  No matter what stage of life you are in we are here to assist you with your goals and dreams.  



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Mountaintop provides residential loans in most states.  We work with qualified mortgages and harder non- qualified mortgages.   We have 100's of lending programs with thousands of lending solutions.


Learn more and contact us today and allow our team to help you,our client.   

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We partner investors on some  projects and rentals. We use advanced analytics and AI to identify new emerging market areas.  Our clients get updates, they can see the properties, and we even have some investors who like to get dirty and work with us.  

We are here  for you our client.  Contact Us Today!

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From Knoxville-Johnson City we can help manage your commercial and residential rental properties.  With advanced analytics we can help you screen renters, find the right properties, or help you with your retirement portfolio.  

Contact us today and learn more about our different rental programs.  


Tell Us How We Can Help!

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